German maps in scale 1:25000 and Russian maps in scale 1:84000
Posted by admin on 2015-11-13 19:56:36
TK25 Updated chapters of German maps in scale 1:25000: Chapter Messtischblatts (TK25, including Urmesstischblatts) and Russischen karte des Westlichen Grenzgebiets (Russian map of Western frontier, WWI period). Also new info supplemented chapter of 2verst maps (1:84000) of Russian Empire.

Extended News
It is interesting: first edition of Urmesstischblatts covered only coast of Baltic see of present Lithuania (from Nemirseta till Nida), maps were based on triangulation (y.1830), second edition of Urmesstischblats covered whole KlaipÄ—da (Memel) district. On these maps we can find invaluable historic, ethnographic information.