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First aero photographic picture (1945-1952) after WWII

Soviet military topographers in 1945-1952 made first aero photographic picture of practically whole Lithuania territory. First aero photographic picture shows damages during WWII (demolition of buildings, constructions, granges), renewal work continued till 1960-th. Aero picture was made using camera with focus length f=154 mm, negative had size 23x23 cm, scale of picture 1:18000-1:22000. South east part of Lithuania, south west part of Žemaitija (west part of Lithuania) were photographed in 1951-1952 using camera with focus length f=152 mm, scale of pictures 1:15000. Aero picture (1945-1952) does not cover territories near Klaip4da, border near Kaliningrad region (former East Prussia), areas near biggest population places (Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipėda, Šiauliai). Part of aero pictures was censured by militaries. On index (see below) in blue marked area (territory of Lithuania) which theoretically was covered by 1945-1952 aero picture.

1945-1952 aero pictures were used preparing outline map in scale 1:10000 of Lithuania (no relief). In case that situation on terrain was changed expressively new edition of map in scale 1:10000 was prepared (renewed) using aero picture from 1958-1960. This aero picture was designated to dressing of woods. 1958-1960 y. aero picture was made using camera with focus length f=100 mm (sometimes f=200 mm), scale 1:17500, 1:12000, 1:10000, 1:45000, 1:42000. Aero picture (1958-1960) mostly covered territories which were not covered by aero picture in (1945-1952) Size of negatives 18x18 mm.


Index showing theoretical covering of aero picture (1945-1952, marked in blue).

city Palanga

Full size of aero picture from 1946 showing city Palanga (near Baltic see), original have dimensions 23x23 cm.. Link to full size image (Adobe Flash Player required).

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