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Index sheet of RKKA maps in scale 1:500000

RKKA maps in scale 1:50000 have dimension 2 deg. latitude x 3 deg. longitude. Longitude was considered from Greenwich. Projection - polyhedral. In collection of RKKA (red army of workers and peasants) maps in scale 1:500000 available these maps: (see index sheet)

(Most of these maps issued in years 1932-1944, part maps in collection are in various years of publishing)

J-40-A, J-41-B.

K-35-B, K-36-G, K-37-G, K-39-G, K-40-V, K-43-A, K-52-B.

L-34-B, L-34-V, L-35-B, L-35-G, L-35-V, L-36-A, L-36-B, L-37-A, L-37-B, L-40-V, L-48-B, L-49-V, L-50-A, L-50-G.

M-33-V, M-34-A, M-34-B, M-34-G, M-35-A, M-35-B, M-35-G, M-35-V, M-36-A, M-36-B, M-36-V, M-36-G, M-37-A, M-37-B, M-37-V, M-37-G, M-48-G, M-49-B, M-50-B, M-52-A.

N-34-A, N-34-B, N-34-G, N-34-V, N-35-A, N-35-B, N-35-V, N-35-G, N-36-A, N-36-B, N-36-V, N-36-G, N-37-A, N-37-B, N-37-G, N-37-V.

O-34-A, O-34-B, O-34-V, O-34-G, O-35-A, O-35-B, O-35-G, O-35-V, O-36-A, O-36-B, O-36-G, O-36-V, O-37-V, O-37-G.

P-34-A, P-34-B, P-34-V, P-34-G, P-35-A, P-35-B, P-35-G, P-35-V, P-36-A, P-36-B, P-36-V, P-36-G.

Q-34-A, Q-34-B, Q-34-V, Q-34-G, Q-35-A, Q-35-B, Q-35-V, Q-35-G, Q-36-A, Q-36-B, Q-36-V, Q-36-G.

R-34-A, R-34-B, R-34-V, R-34-G, R-35-A, R-35-B, R-35-V, R-35-G, R-36-V, R-36-G.

Example of RKKA maps in scale 1:500000 - sheet N-35-B Kaunas
Example of RKKA maps in scale 1:500000 - sheet N-35-B Kaunas, published in 1941.
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