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Index of RKKA maps in scale 1:25000 (nomenclature acc. old 0,5 verst Russian maps), link
RKKA maps in scale 1:25000 (nomenclature acc. old 0,5 verst Russian maps) were prepared using maps of Russian empire in scale 1:21000 (1:42000) with reducing (increasing) originals up to scale 1:25000. The content in fact is not changed. Numbering of RKKA maps in scale 1:25000 was similar as 1:21000 (half verst per inch) maps of Russian Empire.

It is interesting that RKKA topographers republished also German Messtischblatts (TK25) with unconverted content adding only place-names of biggest cities in Cyrillic.

RKKA maps

550 Raunau (1888 Raunau), 1939, reprint of Messtischblatt published by RKKA.

(Updated in 30 JAN 2013)
Comparison of fragments maps РККА in scale 1:25000 XIII-18-В (Vilnius) and German map XIII-18-C (1914) from collection Russischen karte des Westlichen Grenzgebiets

Comparison of fragments map РККА in scale 1:25000 XIII-18-В (Vilnius) and German map XIII-18-C (1914) from collection Russischen karte des Westlichen Grenzgebiets.

On fragments shown a part of Vilnius.

Maps RKKA in scale 1:25000 according new numeration of sheets.

Maps RKKA in scale 1:25000 according new numeration of sheets were produced at beginning of II WW and during II WW. These maps were produced using German TK25, Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian maps in scale 1:25000, old Russian maps in scale 1:21000, 1:42000. Recognizing and original topographical picture were used. Also aero pictures were used for recognizing old cartographic material.

RKKA maps in scale 1:25000 were composed in the 1931 year coordinate system. Coordinates were calculated in 6 degrees areas of Gauss-Kruger projection, using parameters of Bessel ellipsoid. Frames of maps have size - 5' latitude and 7'30 longitude, which is considered from Greenwich.

Analyzing collections of archives, libraries in varios countries we can suggest that RKKA published several maps in scale 1:25000 on territories of Lithuania (maps according new numeration). By RKKA 1:25000 maps were covered west part of Lithuania (Klaipėda [Memel] district) - RKKA 1:25000 maps were made using German maps - Messtischblatts, central part of Lithuania - RKKA 1:25000 maps were made using inter-war Lithuanian maps 1:25000, east part of present Lithuania - RKKA 1:25000 maps wre made using WIG 1:25000 maps; rest part of Lithuania was covered by occasional maps which were made using old cartographic material.

RKKA 1:25000 maps on territory of Lithuania

Index showing RKKA 1:25000 maps (full size) on territory of Lithuania. Stricked maps are in LoC (Mostly RKKA 1:25000 maps on West part of Lithuania were made using German Messtischblatts and old Russian cartographic material, maps on central territories of Lithuania - using inter-wer Lithuania maps in scale 1:25000, on east territories of Lithuania - using Polish WIG 1:25000 maps).

RKKA maps 1:25000

Fragment of RKKA 1:25000 map N-34-36-Б-г (N-34-36-B-g) Kėdainiai, 1941. Map prepared using Lithuanian inter-war map (see below), content updated using newest cartographic material - Lithuanian map in scale 1:100000 (1938) also (probably) aero-picture. map presented courtesy Hap Ponedel http://easteurotopo.org

Lithuania inter-war map

Inter-War Lithuania map 381 Kėdainiai, 1933 (Using this map RKKA prodiced RKKA map in scale 1:25000).

Lithuania 1:100000 map

Inter-War Lithuania map 1405 Krakės - Kėdainiai, 1938 (This maps was used for updating RKKA maps)

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